Repairs for your deck

Whether you would like the general repair service or a complete refurbishment of your fine vintage deck, Southern Reel to Reel Tape Decks is ready to perform the service needed to restore that beautiful, rich analog sound.

General Service & Repair:

  • Clean deck thoroughly inside and out
  • Replace all belts and capstan pinch-roller
  • Repair any mechanical and/or electronic system that is malfunctioning
  • Check speed and wow+flutter
  • Set basic Playback and Record levels

Complete Refurbishing:

  • Playback head azimuth adjustment
  • Specified output level setting (this is done to ensure that you record and playback a tape at the proper level according to industry standards)
  • VU meter levels are set.
  • Frequency response is checked.
  • Phone jack output level is checked 
  • Minimum input level setting set
  • Specified input level set 
  • Bias adjustment set
  • Record head azimuth adjustment
  • Record level set
  • Overall frequency response
  • Erase efficiency
  • Several times in the process, wow and flutter, as well as drift is also checked
  • Signal-to-noise ratio checked
  • Finally, an extensive check of playback and record functions in different formats of various types of music.

Due to the many differences between decks, prices will vary accordingly, depending on the make and model.

Please contact me for current prices.