Warranty on Decks Sold

Each deck that we sell comes with Southern Reel's exclusive six-month "Bumper to Bumper" Warranty that includes all parts* and labor ( shipping is not included in the warranty ).

If, in the unlikely event, the deck cannot be repaired, then a comparable deck will be furnished in its place.

NO cash refunds will be issued.

Also, the deck must be returned in the same condition, without having been opened up or tampered with in any way. Any tampering will void the warranty.

Due to the age of these decks (30-40 years in most cases), some will have slight blemishes, nicks, or scrapes on the metal fascia and/ or wood cases. Every effort is made to bring back the original appearance of the deck when it left the factory. 

Pictures of the actual deck will always be provided, as well as an explanation of anything out of the standard refurbishing process that was done to that particular deck. 

If your deck must be returned for service, first contact Southern Reel Tape Decks.  You will then be instructed as to how to proceed.

The customer is financially responsible for safely shipping the tape deck back, fully insured, to Southern Reel Tape Decks. When the repairs have been completed, the tape deck will be repaired and returned with no expense to the owner.

Southern Reel to Reel Tape Decks is not liable for damage to any tape deck, returned under warranty, due to improper packing, and /or lack of sufficient shipping insurance.


*The replacement of pilot lamps and meter bulbs is not included in the warranty; however, I will furnish these lamps at no cost to the owner.  


Warranty on Repairs

Tape decks that are sent to us for refurbishment or repairs will come with a 90-day warranty on parts that have been replaced by Southern Reel to Reel Tape Decks and all labor. In the event that a part fails that we did not replace during the refurbishment process during the the 90-day warranty period, Southern Reel to Reel Tape Decks will repair the deck and charge only for the parts needed.

The customer will be responsible for the cost of shipping the deck to us and we will pay return shipping.